Here is a link to the Red Cross donation page to help flood victims in Houston.

Water Damage RepairAvoid Health Risks

If you needed to leave your home, be sure to stay safe when you return. The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggests you check for visible structural damage.  Look for warping, loosened or cracked foundation elements, cracks, and holes before you go into your home.  You may need to contact utility companies if there are downed powerlines or if you smell gas.

Have a flashlight with you.

Turn off all water and electrical sources within the home.  Even if the power isn’t on in the neighborhood or in your home.  Go to your fuse box and turn off the main and all fuses.  If the power turns on, you won't be at risk.

Protect Your Health

There is a good chance that the water in your home is contaminated.   Wear waders, hip- or waist-high waterproof boots.  Also, rubber gloves are a must when removing water-damaged possessions.  Throw out any food that may have come into contact with flood waters.

Take Pictures

Before making any repairs, document the damage for insurance by taking photos or video. Digital versions are best, because they can be stored electronically and easily copied. If you start repairs before documenting the damage, you may decrease the extent of your coverage.

Young Military Couple Looking to remodel their kitchen 83103035We all want to get the biggest bang for our buck when it comes to home improvement budget vs ideas but what will really pay off?

Kitchen and bath remodels are usually the first thing we think when spucing up the homestead comes into play.  Acutally, unless the rest of the house is very sound they may not pay off as much as you would think.  It's a better bet to replace the shingles or siding.  Maybe invest in new energy efficient utilities like a furnace and hot water heater.  Sound mechanicals pay off more than any other home remodel investment.

Request a Quote ball redThat being said most of us still want to see where at least some of the money went.  New cabinets instead of granite counter tops will make your asthetic money stretch further.  Also, consider taking out that big whirpool tub and installing a nice sized double head steam shower.  Flooring can be extremely expensive so instead of a complete replacement consider re-finishing the hardwood or replaciing stone floors with cheaper more durable laminate.

First things first, a leaky roof will cost more in terms of house value than an out dated kitchen
Summer is the perfect time to re-think your patio design and make room for a new Hot Tub. However, there are a few things to consider when adding a hot tub to your existing deck or patio.

First, do you have a nearby power source

While it isn't a huge expense a couple of bucks can be spared if there is already a power source close to the area.

Next, will your tub be on the surface or sunk into the deck

  • You may need a building permit depending on how much change is taking place. Not to worry, Village Construction will handle the details.

Also, what is the purpose of your hot tub?

  • Do you envision quiet nights soaking in the tub with your spouse or hot tub parties with lights and loud music?

One last thing, How much actuall surface space will the hot tub take?

  • After you have narrowed down the above you should have a good idea of the type and size hot tub that will work for your space.  Village Construction can narrow it down even more by showing you visually how much space your hot tub will actually take on your patio.

Village Construction is available to help guide you through these and any other deciding factors to help you choose the perfect hot tub for your space and your family.

DIY projects certainly have their benefits. The first thought is usually the money savings. Depending on the project and your experience level that may or may not be true. There is no doubt replacing caulking around a tub surround yourself is more affordable and practical than having a tub and tile repair professional come to your house. Smaller projects usually just make sense to do yourself. However, if you have never pounded a nail in a board and want to build a deck it might be better idea to hire a professional. There are some projects, probably most, that figuring out which way to go can be difficult and risky. Here are some things to consider when deciding if you have a legitimate DIY project or if its a job best left up to the pro's. The first step is to determine your priorities.

Do you want to save as much money as possible?

  • The potential to save a couple thousand dollars by sacrificing some sweat, and maybe tears, is pretty alluring. Just make sure to calculate the actual costs involved. A good place to start is the Project Estimator at
Do you need the job done quickly?

  • Most of the time a professional contractor has the tools and skills necessary to do the job much sooner. Also, a less experienced person is more likely to make mistakes which not only cost time but money as well.
How important is the quality of the finished job?

  • If you are planning to resell your home at any point in the future make sure you have all the experience needed to provide a professional grade finished project. Messy and shoddy craftsmanship is not only very noticeable to potential buyers it significantly lowers the resale value of your home.
Whatever the size of the project, if you are not sure give Village Construction a call. We'll come to your home and give you a quote to estimate the time and cost of the job. A true comparison will help you decide if it's a job for our expert team of contractors.

Hot Tub Deck Bar 1024x680Spring is a good time to upgrade your Cleveland home with a new deck installed by Village Construction. 

Adding a hot tub to your new deck makes it an even better addition.

In this article, we will address the benefits of a new deck.  To learn more about hot tubs, visit Northcoast Spa & Hot Tub; for a great deal and service.  A new beautiful deck is one of the most popular additions to enjoy your time with friends and family.  There are a number of benefits associated with building a new deck.

1. Relatively Lower Cost

Putting in a new deck costs much less than other additions or remodeling projects.  You can stay on budget and not have to resort to a home equity loan for a deck and tub.  The cost of a net deck range between $15 to $35 dollars per square foot.

Village Construction can complete the job in record time and will elimintate headaches than doing it yourself.  You may need to check your city for specific regulations and permits.  Please check out our permit page to help find the right one.

2. A Special Place for Friends & Family

From late spring to early fall, you have extra space for your next BBQ, birthday, or after-the-game get together.  When hosting a dinner party, you can now invite more guests

Whether throwing a birthday party or having a summer BBQ, a deck provides additional space. It will work as a great place to host guests for a dinner party or even to have an extra place to lounge and relax during the warmer months.

Looking for some great ideas for your Cleveland area home?

expensive tuscan style kitchen remodeling in clevelandKitchen remodeling continues to be the most popular - The trend is creating clean lines and sleek finishes.  This creates a modern, contemporary look for the kitchen. White cabinets continue to dominate, wood, however is starting to become popular again.

Many homeowners and remodelers like The Village Group are moving from expanses of upper cabinets and moving storage to a single wall. This trend makes the wall a single place for storage, while opening up the rest of the space.

Brass finishes are making a comeback recently.  Because they bring shiny golden tones without a high price.  Recently, designers are turning away from reflective finishes and using more brushed brass.

The entry to your home is a compact place where you can get creative with a lower price tag.  On average, homeowners spend $2,500 to re-work the entryway.

The Laundry room has seen a growth in attention to a home design and make over.  Have Village Construction rebuild this utilitarian room to make it more effecient and more aesthetic. We can use techniques to bring in more light, smarter storage and better function to you while doing laundry.

Request a Quote ball red

Bathrooms with an outdoor feeling - An outdoor shower is desirable but not very practical during Cleveland area Winters.  To get around the weather dilemma, Village Construction can create bathrooms that connects with the outdoors while still maintaining privacy.
accessibility kitchenMost of us experience at least a temporary disability at some time.  Accidents happen. As a homeowner you may find yourself in a wheelchair.  As we age, moving around our own home may be difficult.  Preparing now for our future needs shows a far sighted homeowner. 

As you (or a loved one) age, you might consider selling the home and look for a place that is more accommodating.  Why not let Village Construction give you even more reason to stay!

Retrofitting homes to provide ease and comfort for the disabled or elderly is more than meeting accessibility standards.

We are dedicated to providing the best service to ensure safety and satisfaction with your accessibility project.  We will keep the American Disability Association (ADA) in our service.

A variety of designs and services that is available:

  • Handrails, grab bars, lever style door handles, single lever plumbing fixtures, swing-clear door hinges.
  • Kitchens altered with accessible countertops and cabinet pullouts.
  • Electrical switches at ADA heights.
  • Ramps; custom wood for back porches or trailers, aluminum and rubber for front doors and carports.
  • Sensor controlled lighting.
  • Home modifications are performed for those that have a disability or feel unsteady. This type of remodeling helps you to meet the challenges of independent living by creating a freedom that provides adaptations.
  • Custom modified bathrooms for safe easy access.

Beautiful Victorian House 975396Over the years of paying your mortgage, you have earned equity on your home.

Equity is the difference between the amount you owe and what your home is worth.

Home equity is the perfect vehicle to pay for a home remodeling project.  You are putting money back into your home and increasing its value; more equity.  Further, by using equity to increase your home’s value, may be used to pay for the old equity you borrowed ... but only if and when you sell the home.

About 50 percent of home equity loans are used to make home improvements, according to the US Census Bureau’s Housing Survey.  Some projects are better suited for equity improvements.  When considering using a home equity loan, consider these factors:

Middle aged couple lying on floorI may be unconventional to have your home remodeled during the winter; and it is.   Spring and summer aret the typical months to change things up in your home.  There are some advantages, however to start your remodel project in Cleveland's cold months.

Avoid the rush hour - Spring and summer are the heay traffic times for home remodeling.  Just think, you'll have all the time you need talking to the contractor and the home supply experts in the winter.

Winter is the slow season for contractors.  Even Village Construction has more openings in the Winter.  Law of supply and demand.  When the number of people looking to remodel goes down, so does the price. You can really benefit by remodeling in the slow season because your ability to negotiate with contractors improves and they are sometimes willing to work for less.   Also, if the contractor is less busy - that means they have more time for your project and less juggling.

concealing appliances with logoOver the last few years there has been a trend to hide the appliances in the kitchen. 

Doing so gives it an "artistic" look.

It can also be a space saver and improve your kitchen's functionality.  It always gives a bit of a wow-factor and attention for your guests.

Some appliances that can be concealed are: warming ovens, dishwasher, toaster, microwave, even the refrigerator can be hidden (sorry no more magnets).

Call us for a visit and we can discuss your options.

Unique Concrete CountertopAdd some custom work to your countertop. 

A little bit goes a long way.

With a marble pastry slab insert or a wooden butcher block, your countertop will take on a new look.  They were a hit last year and we see the trend continuing.

Request a Quote ball redIf you want to promote a green touch, choose renewable and recycled materials over natural material.  Recycled stone, marble and quarts are a excelent options, can cost less and may even be less maintenance.  Consider laminates or paper.

Village Construction designers can go beyond typpical Calacatta marble — we can use many different materials like limestone, zinc, concrete, wood, and tile making your new countertop unique.

expensive tuscan style kitchen remodeling in clevelandLight fixtures are trending last year and this.  

Accent lighting is always an easy way to draw attention to decorations you may have in your kitchen.  Spotlight your glassware, dishware, and frames.  A sconce light is a simple way to highlight your kitchen.  They project light upward or sideways and create a backdrop for your decorations.  If you want to highlight a whole area, consider lighting the island area.

This is a quick upgrade and Village Construction can be in and out leaving you with a more beautiful kitchen.

Contact us and we can give you some ideas.

Handshake with professional contractorHow to choose a remodeling contractor.

When you are selecting contractor to remodel your home, here are a few ideas and tips for you to use.

Get Referrals (at least three)

Word of mouth-hands works.  It is the best way to find a qualified professional. Ask your relatives, friends and neighbors whom they know.  Be sure to ask how they handled problems - there are always a something. 

"Would you use them again?"

Licenses, Certifications, Associations, et. al.

Research: visit their website, make a few phone calls, talk to your local municipality

Check - the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Homebuilders.