In the month of March, 1958, the trustees of the Township of Thompson decided to establish a Township Police Department. In this same month, Mr. Allan Wilbur was appointed as the first Police Constable. He acted in the capacity until January, 1960, at which time John Gross was appointed in the same capacity as a replacement. Mr. Gross was given the first "red" light and decals, which were used, on his personal vehicle. Due to the death of Mr. Gross in November of the same year, the Township was without police service until June, 1961, when James Fischbach was appointed to fill the position. Mr. Fischbach held the office until May, 1975, with the exception of a short period of time in 1968 when Tom Dewey was appointed as Acting Police Chief during Mr. Fischbach�s absence. During this period of time the first police car was given to the Township by Mr. Joe Sidley. A camera was obtained and a police radio and siren were purchased.

Ohio Cities Served

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