pepper pike ohThe professionals at Village Construction will guide you through your next remodeling project. 

Remodeling - If you want a new living space, for your Pepper Pike home, our professionals will help.  We look at what you have, the space available, your goals and dreams, and of course your budget.  The designers consider all aspects and return with a detailed, budget aware plan.

New Construction - Our professionals work with the general contractor and your plans to remake your home ready for enhanced family time and you new beautiful space. 

We help make your dream home dreamer. 

We will work with you on:

  1. Counter Tops
  2. Custom Patio
  3. New Living Room
  4. New bathrooms
  5. Updated Backsplashes
  6. Cabinet Selection
  7. Kitchen Layout for best space utilization
  8. Finishing Details
  9. Bedroom make over
  10. Kitchen Island Design
  11. More
Contact us for a quote or if you need to talk about some ideas in your Pepper Pike home.

Pepper Pike has been named a “Tree City USA” several consecutive years by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Among the requirements of this recognition: the city must maintain an annual tree budget of at least $2 per resident.

Lander Circle, at the intersection of Lander Road and Chagrin Boulevard, was once known as British Circle. The name probably derives from the arrival of new residents, the Jackson family from Yorkshire, England, in 1835.

Pepper Pike became a village in 1924. It wasn’t until 1970 that its population passed the 5,000 mark, thus allowing it to win formal recognition as a city under Ohio law.

In the late 1970s, the City of Pepper Pike adopted an ordinance requiring a voter referendum before any zoning changes can take place. To this day, it’s a key reason (along with a requirement that all houses must be built on at least a one-acre parcel of land) why Pepper Pike has maintained its largely bucolic nature

Moody’s, the prominent financial rating service, gives Pepper Pike an Aa1 bond rating, making the city one of only a handful in Ohio (and the only one in the state with a population under 10,000) to achieve that coveted rating.

For several years running, Pepper Pike has been the top recycler in Cuyahoga County, with about two-thirds of its residents taking part in recycling their waste materials.

The city’s police department manages to patrol every street in the city at least every eight hours.

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